Around The World With Yusko - Back Around the World: 2021 in Review

Replay from December 16, 2021

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Morgan Creek Capital Management partners with Bitwise Asset Management to provide access to digital assets for institutional clients, including endowments, foundations, pension plans, sovereign wealth funds and family offices.


Alternative Thinking About Investments

Morgan Creek’s global investment strategies incorporate our investor experience, access to our manager network, international presence and history with asset allocation.

Alternative Investment Products


Morgan Creek Capital Management, LLC is a SEC-registered investment adviser providing investment management services to institutions and wealthy families. We provide a customized investment solution to clients in need of a targeted investment program, as well as discretionary strategies to assist clients in building investment programs based on the University Endowment Model. We provide asset allocation, manager selection, and portfolio construction.

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Our Team

Our investment professionals are globally-based, giving Morgan Creek an advantage by allowing our team to live and work in the same locations as many of our managers. Our senior investment team meets every Monday morning in high-level strategic discussions. Many senior investment team members have been working in the investment business for 20+ years and have extensive knowledge in endowment management, investment banking, management consulting, institutional investment management, and regulatory affairs.

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Investment Themes

Morgan Creek's core macroeconomic themes inform our investment decisions

Demographics & Healthcare

An aging global population in the developed world, coupled with the emergence of a more robust healthcare services infrastructure in the developing world, will keep demand growth in the healthcare sector on a steady upward trend for decades.

Energy & Natural Resources

Global demographic shifts, rapid advances in energy-related technologies and geopolitical realignments have led to significant shifts in the energy markets. Advances in alternative energy have disrupted the dominance of hydrocarbons leading to significant investment opportunities.

Growth of the Emerging Markets Consumer

The rapid growth of the middle class in developing markets globally, and particularly in Asia, has catalyzed rapid changes in consumer demand. We believe this domestic demand story will continue, and likely accelerate, fueled by increasing wealth creation, credit penetration and mortgage lending. Consumer sectors will lead the markets.

Wealth Transfer to Developing Markets

Emerging economies account for a larger share of global GDP, corporate revenues, and profits than is reflected in the market capitalization of global equity markets. We expect this gap to narrow dramatically in the coming years as wealth follows demographics.

Morgan Creek Foundation

In 2005, the Morgan Creek Foundation was established to support local community organizations with an educational focus. To support this mission, a portion of Morgan Creek Capital Management profits are contributed to the Foundation each year. The Foundation spends a minimum of 5% of assets each year.

In appreciation of the Morgan Creek Foundation’s innovation and contribution to the community, the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce recognized the Morgan Creek Foundation as its “2010 Non-Profit Business of the Year.”

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