The outsourced investment model is our most comprehensive investment solution. Rooted in the core investment beliefs of our firm, our advisory model makes available the full array of Morgan Creek’s experience and abilities to a select number of family offices, institutions, and high net-worth individuals. Our customized solutions balance long-term wealth creation with active risk management.  We strive to optimize a client’s risk/return profile to enable spending needs to be met within acceptable risk levels. In addition to the benefits of full diversification across a broad set of asset classes, we work with a set of talented managers to protect capital and limit potential downside.

The Morgan Creek investment team has decades of experience as investors and fiduciaries

  • We work with a select group of clients in an advisory capacity, allowing us to remain focused on each client
  • Our experience as CIOs, decision-makers and portfolio managers of endowments has nurtured a sense of fiduciary empathy that guides our approach
  • Experience with investment policy development and implementation of asset allocation strategies, manager selection and portfolio construction
  • Senior members of our investment team have been constructing endowment portfolios by integrating traditional and alternative investments for decades
  • Our views are forward-looking, and take into consideration the historical context, the current macroeconomic environment, and existing trends in the market

Customized strategies help each client achieve investment goals and objectives

  • Consultative - High touch approach to each client's specific risk/reward investment objectives
  • Comprehensive - Investment bandwidth allows us to build complete solutions
  • Tactical - Portfolios are actively managed to accommodate market factors and client allocation requirements

Morgan Creek has cultivated strong relationships with what we believe to be top-tier investment management firms around the globe

  • Global access to managers representing multiple asset classes and investment styles
  • Proprietary database of investment managers and research
  • Forward-thinking, dynamic ability to continuously challenge conventional thinking
  • Custom portfolio allows selection of exposures in alignment with policy statement, risk tolerance, and goals

Client-Morgan Creek Partnership

  • Open architecture allows client and Morgan Creek to consult and collaborate in order to achieve investment policy goals
  • Operations and Client Service teams support advisory clients by providing a constant flow of information with respect to market research, risk management, and manager performance as well as assisting with administrative and structural issues based on the needs of each client
  • Customized portfolio reporting provides details on performance, attribution, asset allocation, risk metrics and liquidity